Introducing the “Do What You Love” interactive crypto art.

Kyle J J Kemper
4 min readMar 19, 2021

In January of 2020, as part of Miami Bitcoin week, my wife Brittany and I teamed up with the incredible “Do What You Love” artist Sergey Gordienko (Insta: @DoWhatYouLove.artist Website: create the world's first NFC-enabled crypto painting and physical bitcoin faucet.

Left to right: Sequoia, Brittany, Kyle Kemper, & Sergey Gordienko
Sergey Gordienko
The Unveiling at the Miami Bitcoin Hackathon

NFC-enabled crypto painting? Yes! Within the painting, there are 44 Swiss Key NFC Bitcoin card wallets. The cards are super innovative bitcoin wallets that securely store crypto and use NFC technology to communicate with mobile devices. Each card is its own Bitcoin wallet and unlike other wallets, you cannot back up the card wallets, which means that the card contains the only copy of the private key. In other words, whoever can access the cards can access the funds on them. By putting the cards permanently into the painting we have created an artistic creation that contains 44 different wallets.

Brittany Lindstrom & the 44 BTC NFC wallets.

Using a mobile app you can tap the painting and search for Bitcoin using NFC technology.

Searching for Bitcoin

If you find bitcoin on one of the embedded cards, you can use the app to input your bitcoin address and transfer the bitcoin from the painting to your personal wallet. In this sense, the painting is a bitcoin faucet; we have all the public keys recorded so anyone can send bitcoin to the painting, and in order to move the coins from the card you need to scan and interact with the cards.

1st person to find Bitcoin on the painting.

When making this we were creating it with the intention of fusing the technology into the art to see what would happen. Sergey’s “Do What You Love” message combined with his collection of crypto art made it truly fitting to collaborate and throughout the production, he poured his creative genius and talents into every step.

Sergey throwing the first paint.

We unveiled the painting at the Miami Bitcoin Hackathon to some of our OG friends including Nick Spanos and Jeremy Gardner who were the first to interact with the painting. Since then it has been seen and engaged with by a large portion of the community.

When art meets technology.

The NFC technology in the art is so smart that if you put your phone over any card it will cue you to download the Tangem app that allows you to scan and interact with the cards. Once you have the app you can then start tapping the cards in search of bitcoin. It can be viewed as a game, even a race, or it can be a vault for wealth hidden in plain site.

It is as an educational portal into how Bitcoin works and resulted in the participants all downloading bitcoin wallets to be able to receive treasures that they found.

Since it’s creation, this painting has been featured at crypto events and on display at Sergey’s studio in Miami.

While the art has not changed, the technology contained within has. The card wallets are now capable of storing Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, and NFTs. What this means is the painting is now capable of being a storage and distribution portal for an almost infinite number of digital assets. It is truly incredible.

The NFC card wallets will soon be upgraded to be multi-currency capable.

Kenn Bosak, a friend, recognized NFT expert, and the 2020 Crypto Influencer of the Year, has described the painting as the Mona Lisa of crypto art.

He was on-site for the unveiling of the art piece and here is a 360-video we shot showcasing the painting.

This art piece represents one of the most interesting fusions of technology, money & art the world has ever seen. Stay tuned for updates and follow Sergey on Instagram and check out his website

This creation was not possible without the spirit, talent, and dedication of Sergey and Brittany. Massive thanks to the Tangem Team for developing this incredible technology and collaborating with Swiss Key to make the Bitcoin and Ethereum NFC card wallets.

This artwork is about doing what you love and loving what you do and is a collaboration between three artists who abide by this principle. As of 5/23/23 the painting remains in the artists personal collection. If it resonates with you please get in touch. ✨

Brittany & Magic doing what they love!